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Welcome to I am a guitarist and Jackson Charvel electric guitars have always been in my guitar arsenal and close to my heart. I am building this site for you, to share my passion for these legendary instruments.

Webmaster and columnist, Henrik Hjortnaes


for Jackson and Charvel guitar players

Grover Jackson Doug Aldrich model

It's rare and it's so cool! The Grover Jackson Doug Aldrich signature model. Built in Japan back in 1991 thru 1994 by the Chushin Gakki shop and sold only in Japan. Aldrich honed this shredmonster during his endorsement of Jackson Guitars.Read more » 

Grover Jackson Doug Aldrich signature

Charvel imports 1986-1991 - complete guide

Find out when your Charvel Model Series guitar was built. Or the Fusion, Spectrum, Predator, Legend, Professional Series or even the Charvette Series. This guide will very easily give you in-depth knowledge of these legendary Japanese made import guitars from Charvel. Read more » 

Charvel Model Series import

The original Jackson Professional Series

Knowing how the first Japanese Jackson import guitars came around is quite interesting, so here's the background story on the original Jackson Professional Series from Japan, introduced in 1990 and terminated in 1995.
Charvel Model Series imports from 1986 paved the way for these Jackson imports, inseparable in history, so expect to find a bit of Charvel history here as well. Read more » 

Chushin Gakki Charvel Jackson worker
by Dave P. Wescott

My wife, the Luthier

Watch a wrecked Charvel Model 6 transform into a unique masterpiece of a custom guitar. A multi-page story by Dave P. Wescott filled with great pictures, describes to you in detail how this abortion of a Charvel Superstrat was brought back to life.
David co-worked on this project with his wife Lisa, creating a stunning guitar and a great article to read and learn from!Read more » 

charvel model 6
Me, working at the mixing console at Borsing Recording

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