Jackson Dinky Harry Cody

This guitar is pretty interesting, the body being the prototype for the Japanese made Charvel Model 88.

Los Angeles, 3/5/03 Certificate of authencity. By Harry Cody, Shotgun Messiah.

This Jackson guitar, serial # Fort Worth 0016, was made for and given to me by Grover Jackson in 1989.

Grover was driving me and fellow Jackson endorsee Rowan Robertson of DIO to a meeting with Bob Bradshaw (maker of the Bradshaw rack system), when I mentioned wanting a scalloped fingerboard with no fret radius. Rowan said that he, too, would like that.*
Grover suggested making it almost flat, as he felt that a completely flat board would feel awkward.

This is the prototype neck that Grover gave me to try out; the guitar was assembled in my presence in Grover's office at the Jackson factory in Ontario, California.

Grover told me that the body was a prototype for the made-in-Japan Charvel Model 88 Series. Since Jackson's Ontario plant had no connection to the Japan Series except making the prototypes, that explains why a Charvel 88 body would be in Grover's office.

*In an interview, Rowan mentions Doug Aldrich being involved in the design, in fact, Doug was not in the car when the idea was born. He had arranged his own transportation, so Grover, Rowan and I met up with him at Bob Bradshaw's after we had already come up with the neck design.
It also explains the Fort Worth neckplate, ordinarily also a made-in-Japan item, the very low serial# - the 16th Fort Worth plate ever made - makes it likely that it was part of the first batch of plates sent to Grover's office for his approval.

While I was trying this guitar out, Grover was ousted from his own company. Out of loyalty to Grover, I severed all ties with Jackson Guitars. I asked them to remove any preference to me as an endorsee. To my knowledge, only one Jackson catalog lists me as one of their artists.
I used this as my main guitar on the 1989/90 tour in support of the album "Shotgun Messiah". It was one of two guitars used on the album "Second Coming".*
Every song incorporating the use of the vibrato bar was recorded with this guitar, including "Sexdrugsrocn'roll", "Red hot", "Living without you", Heartbreak Blvd", Trouble", "Ride the storm", "Babylon", "Free", "You and me". I also used it on Stuart Hamm's album "The urge".

Regards Harry Cody, Shotgun Messiah

*In the liner notes, I wrote: "Shotgun Messiah swears by... Grover Jackson Guitars...", another nod to Grover, not Jackson.