Jackson Ontario picture book 1987 88

A Jackson picture book used for presenting and/or documenting the graphics work made by Jackson in the late 1980's (Ontario). Dealers would typically get a copy.
Dan Lawrence, a Custom Graphic Artist at Jackson, has done many of these graphics.
To the best of my knowledge, the material shown here, was part of Grover Jackson's personal paperwork, sold off to collector Robert Lane in 1996, after Grover had sold his interest in the Jackson Guitars company and resigned in 1989. Robert Lane eventually resold the paperwork to collector Robert Witte in 2000, who then published it on his website www.jacksonmuseum.com. Sadly, his phenomenal website was taken offline a long time ago.

It seemed to me that the original paper photos were photographed again and then possibly scanned into a computer. Light and dynamics are lost in such a process, so i have enhanced the color and brightness of the pictures just slightly.