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published October 2006

Available shapes

Below are the guitar styles that are available in the current version of the Custom Guitar Generator (4.0.2). Each image you see below was created using the Generator.

Collen Archtop™ arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

Death Kelly™ arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

Disruptor™ arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

Explorer arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

Firebird arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

Reverse Firebird arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

Kelly™ arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

Non-beveled Kelly™ arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

King V™ arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

Non-beveled King V™ arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

Rhoads™ arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

Non-beveled Rhoads™ arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

Roswell Rhoads™ arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

XTRR™ arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

SLS™ arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

Soloist™ arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

Star arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

Strat® arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

Warrior™ arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

Non-beveled Warrior™ arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

Y2KV™ arrow

  • Jackson Collen Archtop

The Custom Guitar Generator is a design tool by Liquid Pixel Shop™ that lets you use your imagination to design the guitar of your dreams. It is a big help when trying to visualize what you want your next custom shop guitar to look like, and is also a great way to kill some time.



Based around the guitar shapes made popular in the 80's and 90's, the Custom Guitar Generator was designed to appeal to those who watched such supergroups as Ratt, Def Leppard, Stryper, Kiss, and many more play these now-classic guitar designs live on stage and on MTV's Headbanger's Ball.


Some of the options available in the Guitar Generator are:

  • 21 body styles.
  • Over 200,000 body, fretboard, and headstock colors.
  • Colored quilted and flame maple options for body and headstock.
  • Load user-created graphics on the body, fretboard, headstock, and background.
  • Choose from classic body stencils such as bengal, rising sun, and versatel.
  • Over a dozen bridges in three different finishes.
  • 16 different inlays in mother of pearl, abalone, and user-defined colors.
  • 8 different headstocks.
  • 19 different pickups.
  • 10 different headstock and neck binding colors.
  • 12 different pickup bezel colors.

...and much more.


The user interface for the Generator

Example guitar created with the generator

Example guitar created with the generator


Import User-created Images

load graphics

Load a custom jpg image onto the guitar's body, headstock, and neck, or the background behind the guitar. Then, use the adjustment tools to position and scale the image for a perfect fit.

Comprehensive Online Help


The Guitar Generator features a comprehensive online help system, guiding you through the operation of each of the tools used in the creation of your design.

Improved User Interface


Version 4.0 of the Generator features a much improved graphical interface over previous versions, including a new icon-based tool selector; simply slide your mouse over each icon to see a description of the tool, and click to select it.

Try for free

Try the guitar generator for free by clicking the link below. The "Explorer" generator will open in a new window, hosted on Liquid Pixel Shop's web site.

Macromedia / Adobe Flash player version 6.0 or higher is required.

NoteThe "Load custom graphic" feature may not work in the web version of the Custom Guitar Generator. This feature does work when running the Generator from the purchased CD.

Try the Custom Guitar Generator


To purchase the Custom Guitar Generator, click the link below. You will be directed to Liquid Pixel Shop's web site, where you can order the Generator with either a PayPal account or a Credit Card.

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