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As a webmaster of this site, I am often being contacted by visitors from all over the world. It is a priviledge to talk to and exchange information with you people, and I try to help where I can.

Once in a while, visitors contact me or I ask them about their special guitar mods, their refinishing or repair projects, or we talk about their guitar collections and I find that very interesting. I get pictures sent by email and we talk back and forth. That's very cool, but often I think, that these stories could be of interest to the rest of you visitors out there. So, hello Storybox!

Your story

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have something guitar related, that you feel would interest the visitors of this site. Stuff related to Jackson and Charvel has first priority, but don't let that hold you back. Just ask.


Modifications, restorations or special guitars or collections... stuff like that, presented with some text and good pictures are very welcome. It doesn't have to be overly professional or minutely detailed. Think of it as a place to hang out and tell others about your guitar stuff. I will help with the layout and picture editing and you will be credited for the work.

How to get started

Take a look at the existing stories, to see what other visitors have posted and use that as a rough guide for your story. Write your text using a simple editor like Notepad and include the pictures for your article and email me the material. Anytime during the process, feel free to contact me with questions. Email me here.

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