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by David P. Wescott

My wife, the Luthier

Creation of the "Model" that should've been....

Well, my wife has gracefully declined doing anymore work on this puppy (Model 6P) as she has her hands full washing the dishes and all (I kid, she's a very busy lady !!!), so I'm taking over (she's still giving advice on the final design though ) and I'm trying to get this one finally finished.

Filling, milling, putting on veneer

raw wood guitar

It'll still take forever though but on the right here and below are a few updated pics for ya...

guitar milling top

Notice the lovely huge hole that
appeared after removing material.

Routes milled level as I removed about 3/32nds from the top to allow the proper thickness for new top.

It was small at one point but someone had added a mini switch and counter-bored a very large clearance for the body of the switch in the cavity. Had to refill that.



Headstock binding route.


Headstock binding roughed in.


Body binding route.


Body binding roughed in.

binding route guitar body

Body binding route.

binding guitar body

Body binding roughed in.

Pause for questions...


How hard was it to bind the guitar?

Rather than get into that, since I have no idea what skills you have, there are a million places on the net to find this out such as

Just a handheld router resting on the top?

Basically, but I had to use riser blocks to clear the fretboard otherwise the base hit and prevented me from getting in close enough inside the horns.

I'm curious on the fretboard radius....12"? Compound 12" to 16"?

That would be a compound (12" - 16").

Next will be to finish the binding, attach the bound fretboard then start tapping in the frets and finishing the fretwork.

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