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by David P. Wescott

My wife, the Luthier

Creation of the "Model" that should've been....



So I started making the posts and bushings for the bridge today so here are some pics as always. Here's a shot of the blank piece of brass that will be used for the bushings. In the following pics, the blank will be knurled, drilled, tapped, and then parted off.


Please do not put your hands anywhere near a lathe when it's running if you have no idea what you're doing!

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bushing blank

Blank bushing milled to size.

bushing knurled

Bushing knurled.


bushing drilled

Bushing being drilled.

bushing tapped

Bushing tapped.


bushing guitar

Here you can see how I left material on so that the part could be held in the collet in the lathe.

brass bushing guitar

...Like this.



Parting off...



Bridge Posts

I then worked on the posts but didn't take that many pics, sorry! I first knurled the outer diameter to receive the "thumb" knurl. Then turned down the top diameter that will fit into the bridge holes.

From there, I turned the bottom side undercut at the same time creating the diameter for the 10-32 threads to mate with the bushing threads. After that, the threads were created using a split die in a handle.

thread post


thread post



threaded post

Finished, threaded post ready to use.

Mounting the bushings into the body

post drilled

First I used a piece of scrap wood to drill a hole using a 3/8ths (.375) forstner bit. Then on with the real thing!

post holes

Two holes.



Pressing the bushing in, using the drill stand for a controlled press.


They are in!


brass bridge guitar

Test fitting the bridge frame with great results!

brass hard tail

Another angle.

Routing the pickup routes

I took care of routing the pickup routes today as well. Not a lot of pics here as I wasn't covering my camera in wood dust..

On your right here, is a shot of the jig I made on the mill for the P-90's    »»»»

pickup route jig


wood router

A pic of the patterning bit. Notice the bearing is at the top of the bit so it just rides around on the template that is held in place by a good quality double faced tape.

route complete

Pickup route is finished.. funny, you can see all my filler blocks.


route binding

But there is one more route to do before this part of the job is done. Hmmmmm... I wonder what that secondary route is for?



Is the bridge frame a bought one, or did you make that too?

Indeed I did, my friend.

brass bridge
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